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visit semarang good for traveller

Semarang has a strong attraction to be visited by tourists. The city's status as a provincial capital plus its value. But apart from that, Semarang is rich in interesting tourist destinations ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, travel up homemade. Various kinds of travel there is presented complete with various amenities. No wonder if Semarang has a complete range of travel, other factors that support this is because the topography of an area that is complete, has a beach to the hills. The combination of the historic town, its status as the provincial capital, also cultural richness of its natural kekaya make this city to be missed by you who like adventure or traveled.

Here are the different Places in Semarang Area of tempatwisataindonesia could be your travel destination when visiting Semarang.

Central Java Grand Mosque

Each city on the square, alunnya did have a grand mosque, but unlike for the capital of Provnsi Semarang, Central Java. Even this mosque distinctive store one of which has a Museum of Islamic Development of Central Java in Tower Asmaul Husna located on floors 2 and 3. Then, still in the Tower Asmaul Husna precisely on the 18th floor there is a restaurant with the best view in Koa Semarang. In addition there are the Grand Mosque complex in Central Java Graha Agung there is no on the north side. So in addition to worship, the Great Mosque of Central Java is supported by a wide range of facilities for travel. With an area of over 7,500 square meters, the mosque can accommodate about 16,000 worshipers. If you traveled to Semarang then gave time to stop at a tourist destination city of Semarang on this one. Incomplete excursions in Semarang if you have not visited one of the icons of Semarang on this one.

Lawang Sewu

One more icon of Semarang, especially if not Lawang Sewu. Lawang Sewu is one of the attractions of Semarang Bandungan that are well known everywhere. This tourist spot is one of the historic buildings in the city of Semarang was built in 1904 by the Dutch. This building used to be a building that serves as the office of the Dutch railway company. Then after independence used as the office of the Department of Railways of the Republic of Indonesia (DKARI) or now we know with PT Kereta Api Indonesia. Then there's more history of the use of the building afterwards. As the name suggests 'Lawang Sewu' which means a thousand doors, the building is unique with many doors and windows although the amount is less than one thousand. Visiting historic buildings in addition to this one also adds insight you can make an opportunity to take an interesting photo. Photographs taken in this building has been a lot of proven good result, regardless of talent photographer this building does have a unique view of the typical arsitektunya. Interestingly, the building was added by a mystical atmosphere. You who love the adrenaline test can try around the various corners of the building. Only with 10,000 rupiah you can enjoy a variety of sensations at the tourist attraction in Semarang on this one.

Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong

Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong also one of the places of worship in Semarang is also used as a destination attraction Semarang. This monastery meman was inaugurated in 2006 but already a lot of interest pa travelers. In addition to building a unique, nice and varied, this temple has also been declared as the highest pagoda in Indonesia by MURI. Tourist attractions in Semarang is a vast complex and contains many buildings. The most famous in this temple is the Pagoda Avalokitesvara or usually referred to Metakaruna Pagoda. This name has a meaning pagoda joy and affection. Historically this pagoda erected to honor the Goddess Kwan Im Po Sat Sie whom the Buddha is believed to be the goddess of love. Open only pagoda pagoda-interest that makes travel Semarang area is worth visiting. In this temple complex you will also find cotege so do not be confused to find a place to stay if you intend to stay overnight in the city of Semarang. Visiting this place you will see a neat monastery complex with a beautiful atmosphere.

Sam Poo Kong

Sam Poo Kong temple could also be a tourist destination Semarang interesting place to visit, especially for those of you who do like travel buildings or structures. This pagoda has several platforms with the main shrine building is the cave pagoda Large and Sam Po Kong, Tho pagoda Tee Kong, Kyai Anchor, Kyai Cundrik Earth and Mbah Kyai Tumpeng. According to history, this place is a haven of landing and the first of Zheng He or Cheng Ho, who is Admiral who converted to Islam. this history

List of Destinations Travel Place in Yogyakarta Mandatory Visited Travelers

Yogyakarta is a city with a million memories, all those who do travel vacation to Jogja certainly can not move on from the shadows of the typical beauty that can only be found in Jogja. No wonder so many a traveler who repeatedly choose Yogyakarta city became one of the destinations for the obligatory tourist city visited again and again. what makes tourists are always keen to come again into the city, also known as the city's students? of course the main thing is for travel jogja interest to visit. It can not be to be denied again if jogja always crowded the arrival of many tourists who hunt visit various tourist attractions in Jogja. That is because the popularity of Jogja known tourist unique, not only well known by tourists Indonesia but also foreign tourists. Culture is very thick make hallmark of Yogyakarta city is always striking in the hearts of each of the tourists who visit. In this article will discuss some of the tourist attractions ranging from the usual jogja, newest, unique to the anti-mainstream travel hidden in Jogja. Of all the travel you must visit to feel a new experience when visiting Jogja. Curious? Listen to continue this article with a well manicured.

Ramayana Prambanan (Trimurti)

Starting from the first tempatwisataindonesia.id share is cultural tourism Jogja is sendra dance which was held at Prambanan. Visited Prambanan during the day will be very unusual. But visiting Prambanan at night at the time of convening this dance sendra will feel incredible. This tour will make a night tour jogja you spend will be more complete. But to see this Prambanan Ramayana ballet can only be seen when it was the dry season because the stage for convening this event is open to the background penggung grandeur of Prambanan.

Beach Wedi Ombo

Straight to the beach jogja travel, the beach is a beach that is now quite popular among the tourists. What makes the beach wedi Ombo located in Kidul Mountain is to be different and make a lot of curious tourists? Which makes this beach different from other beaches is because this beach has a few spots with a cluster of solid rock and unique. In addition to the white sandy beach with big waves has its own beach panoramic beauty that makes tourists fascinated with cheap prices that is Rp. 5000, -

Mount Merapi National Park

One tragedy is never forgotten from Jogja is the eruption of the volcano which hurt many parties. But behind the terrible tragedy that Jogja Merapi travel stored in the form of national parks volcanoes which has a very cool and menenangan soul. In one of the destinations where nature jogja is you can do a variety of activities to enjoy the natural beauty around gunugn merapi among other things: can do trekking accompanied by beautiful scenery Hitan green tropical volcanoes, visiting a bathhouse Tlogo daughter and Tlogo muncar, up to see Boyong landscape of the river valley are exposed to the effects of hot clouds precipitate.

Ratu Boko

Not complete it if it had to jogja but not to this temple. yes, the queen boko temple is a temple that holds the exotic side. What the heck is presented when visiting tourist's in Ratu Boko temple jogja this? grass and debris temple relics of the heyday of empire in antiquity would greet us with a warm, do not miss all to enjoy a special moment when visiting this temple. You should visit this temple before 4pm to enjoy how it looked exotic sunsets from the site gates spot Ratu Boko. In addition because of its location in the hills, you can also see the beautiful Yogyakarta city from this height. No wonder if the temple is a tourist destination in Jogja which are visited by tourists. To go to the temple of Queen Boko simply by buying a ticket for Rp. 25.000, - or you can also buy through Prambanan temples of Prambanan then will transfer by using the shuttle up to the temple site Ratu Boko given distance is far enough.