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Understanding Tourism According to the Experts

Meaning tour are:

Definition of travel is an activity that is fun (leisure) were characterized by spending money or doing activities that are consumptive.

top travel destinations in the world  is most enjoy doing and most travelers visit

Travel is a process definition is traveling temporary carried out by someone to go to other places outside the home. The motive disappearance could be due to economic interests, health, religious, cultural, social, political, and other interests.

Definition of travel is a journey undertaken activities to outside the area of human and human-to-sekaligudilakukan outside the area and sekaligudilakukan IFAT while not more than 1 year. The goal is to have fun, business affairs and so on.

Tourism is an activity of the human journey undertaken both individuals and groups to visit certain destinations with the aim of exploring, studying the uniqueness of the tourist area, self-development, etc. within a short time or temporarily.

Over time undergoing daily activities such as working in the office, taking care of the home, or studying at school, someone would take a break to rest or freshen the mind. Once a week, once a month, or at least once a year people will usually take the time to travel or sightseeing to a place that is mostly done together with the aim to have fun, have a look other areas, or broaden the so-called travel.

Usually people will visit a place or a state of nature is beautiful and has an appeal such as beaches, mountains, lakes, museums, historical places, etc. are called by tourism. Indonesia itself is famous for a variety of attractions ranging from the natural form of the landscape to artificial tourism objects such as a playground and zoo. Starting from Sabang to Merauke there are so many famous sights in Indonesia such as the Raja Ampat in Papua, Kuta Beach in Bali, Monas in Jakarta, Borobudur in Central Java, and many more.

In order to maintain and continue to develop a tourist attraction needs good management. In addition there is also a government-run tourist attraction managed by private parties. The tourist resorts have even become a major source of foreign exchange for the country because of the many foreign tourists who go on a trip to Indonesia.

Besides the arrival of tourists to the locations where tourism also benefits to the surrounding community. Society can open various businesses around the place like a business souvenirs, tour guide services, and others. A tourist attraction would not be complete without the traditional snacks or regional specialties that can be enjoyed. Area attractions usually we will easily find various snacks typical local area.

For example if traveled to the regions of West Sumatra asia indonesia we would be satisfied with a variety of foods such as jerky batokok, rendang, satay Piaman, goulash katupek nails, crackers Sanjai, and much more. There are even people who go on a specialty to taste and enjoy the food in every region visited also called culinary tourism.

As for some of the definitions are still associated with the word travel, among others:

Understanding tourist attraction is a form of all facilities and activities to attract visitors or tourists to come to a certain place.

Understanding cultural tourism is a tourist activity that aims to recognize the results of the local culture such as traditional ceremonies, folk songs, traditional houses, regional dances etc.

Definition of nautical tourism is travel to destinations such as coastal areas and marine nature.

Understanding nature is a form of travel to a destination and wilderness areas such as forests, mountains, hills, etc.

Understanding rating is the term for people who travel.

Attraction understanding is a major tourist destination which is used as a place of recreation for tourists.

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